Have Cooperative societies lost their connectedness.

Posted on December 1, 2014 by Sameer Belvalkar

Have Cooperative societies lost their connectedness.

You have to walk down memory lane…perhaps 10- 15 years to envision what the title actually means.  Do those years, when you were growing up in a tony neighborhood conjure up images of a childhood well spent?

Neighbours kept popping in and out of your house, an impulsively done dish made its way to your dining table and you lost count on the number of times you gave contribution to the local Ganpati festival. All problems, personal or otherwise were a matter of discussion with your neighbours who in every sense of the word was your extended family. All these were the typical features of a “Cooperative Society” which embodied the true spirit of living together in harmony.

Do apartments these days have even a measure of what “cooperative” living was, not so many years back?  संवाद साधणे, नाती जपणे has become an alien concept for us. Sure enough, we get customers asking if there is a club house, a gym, a swimming pool or a jogging track in our apartment schemes. Most are willing to dole out a sizable chunk to take advantage of using these “sought” after services, most even demand them. We have had many a haughty customers, who with a “tch tch” express their dismay, when we say we give only those amenities that customers really need.  Most , without skipping a heartbeat are willing to splurge on amenities, which they know but refuse to accept, will ever use in the combined lifetimes of all their family members.

The plush swimming pool, the extravagant arcade, the well equipped club house and the impeccably maintained jogging tracks. We have it all, we give it all. But do the apartment owners really need them? Why wouldn’t a customer focus more on knowing his neighbours, even if it is while taking an evening stroll. It is time, we as conscious citizens, use and spend on what we really want to utilize, know our neighbourhood and contribute as a cooperative society member. We have a lot of empty nesters as our neighbours, couples whose children are relocated in some other country. A feel good gesture can be extended by spending some time with them, running their errands, or simply be an avid listener to them reminiscing, जरा संवाद साधुयात.

Let’s all take cues from our earlier carefree days, be responsible and act as a ‘cooperative’ member of our apartment complex.


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